Medical & Wellness in Sri Lanka

For ages Sri Lanka has been recognized as an Epitom and centre for wellness and therapeutic care. Both traditional medicine practices and world class modern medical facilities are established in the island to serve both holistic and modern medical needs for wellness, therapeutic and surgical requirements. With a high class medical system in the country which is world famous for its stringent quality standards, Sri Lanka attracts a host of regional and international guests who undergo simple check-ups as well as more complicated medical and surgical needs successfully. Sri Lanka is well poised and have a collection of world class privately operated with gold standards which compete for both quality of the whole medical experience.

Guests have the opportunity of experiencing traditional ‘Ayurveda’ or Modern medicine practices both of which could be coupled with a relaxed holiday experience prior or at the end of the selected medical procedure.

Holiday Plan DMC works closely with select private hospitals to coordinate and place clients at fine hospital establishments to fulfill the needs & wants of such visitors making it hassle free pre-consolation, appointments and other coordination’s for medical related services in Sri Lanka.

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